How to install Arduino IDE on Ubuntu 18.04

This page explains how to install Arduino IDE or Arduino software on Ubuntu. The following has been performed with the following versions:

Don't use the software center

The version proposed in the software center is currently version 1.8.5. Do not install this version, access to USB port will be restricted. Compilation works fine, but uploading is not working expected if the IDE is started as root. If you do so your sketch will be created as root. The best option is to install the IDE by downloading the current version from the Arduino website.

Download (Graphical)

On the Arduino download software page, download the Linux 64 bits version.

In the file manager, locate and extract the archive:

Locate and extract the Arduino archive

Once the archive is extracted, move to the extracted folder. Right click in the folder containing files and select Open in Terminal :

Open Arduino folder in terminal

Download (Command line)

Download the archive from arduino website:

wget -O arduino.tar.xz

Extract the archive:

tar -xvf arduino-1.8.10-linux64.tar.xz 

Move to the extracted folder:

cd arduino-1.8.10/


Run the following command from the terminal:

sudo ./ 

Arduino IDE is installed. Before starting your IDE, run the following command. This command will add the current user (you) to the dialout group. You'll gain access to the USB ports:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

After adding the current user to the dialout group, you have to close the Ubuntu session or restart your computer for changes to be taken into account.

In the terminal the following command starts the IDE:


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Last update : 12/17/2019