Lesson 8.4. Return keyword


return is a C keyword that has a double purpose:

In a function of type void fct(), the return is optional. If it is present, it is necessarily written as return; without value.

A function can only return one value. We will see later on other mechanisms (pointers or structures) that allow a function to return several values.


Note that return is a C keyword that must be common to all ANSI compliant compilers. Since return is not a function, parentheses are not necessary:

return (5);

should rather be written :

return 5;

The return keyword can be followed by

Here are some examples:

// Value
return 35.65;

// Calculation
return 2*3.1415;

// Constante
return M_PI;

// Variable 
return maVariable;

// Function
return cos(3.1415);


Write a function int isPrime(unsigned int n); which receives a positive integer n as parameter.

A prime number is a natural number that has exactly two distinct positive integer divisors (1 and itself).

Test the function with the following code in the main program:

unsigned int x, p;

// Ask for a positive integer
printf("Enter a positive integer: ");
scanf ("%u", &x);

// Check if the integer entered is a prime number
p = isPrime (x);
switch (p) {
  case 0: printf ("By convention, 0 and 1 are not prime numbers.\n"); break;
  case 1: printf ("%u is prime.\n",x); break;
  default: printf ("%u is a divisor of %d.\n", p, x); break;

Here are some examples of expected outputs:

Enter a positive integer: 1
By convention, 0 and 1 are not prime numbers.
Enter a positive integer: 125
5 is a divisor of 125.
Enter a positive integer: 11
11 is prime.


In C, the return keyword is used to :

Check Bravo! return ends the function and eventually returns a value. Try again...

Let's consider the following function:

void fct(int i);
Check Bravo! The return is optional in functions of type void. Try again...

return is...

Check Bravo! return is a keyword in standard C Try again...

What the following function displays:

void test() {
  printf ("Hello");
  print f("Bye");
Check Bravo! return exits the funcion Try again...

Which syntaxes allow to return several values?

Check Bravo! A C function can only return one value at more. Try again...

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