List of 200 english irregular verbs

Embarking on the journey of mastering English involves grappling with the intricacies of irregular verbs – those linguistic anomalies that can make language learning both challenging and rewarding. In our pursuit of linguistic excellence, we present an invaluable resource: a curated list of 200 English irregular verbs, thoughtfully paired with their corresponding French translations.

List of 200 irregular verbs with French translation

This blog post serves as your compass through the labyrinth of irregular verb conjugations. Whether you're a language enthusiast, a student, or someone seeking to refine your bilingual skills, this comprehensive list is designed to be your go-to reference guide. From crafting sentences to understanding nuances in communication, these irregular verbs play a pivotal role in shaping language proficiency.

Join us on this linguistic exploration as we unravel the complexities of irregular verbs, bridging the gap between English and French. Whether you're an avid language learner or someone seeking to enhance cross-cultural communication, this list promises to be an indispensable asset on your journey to bilingual fluency. Let's delve into the beauty of language and unlock the secrets of irregular verbs together.

The following array is ordered by frequency, and contains

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Base form Past simple Past participle -ing form Frequency French
be was/were been being 2398724162 être
have had had having 1564202750 avoir
do did done doing 950751722 faire
see saw seen seeing 681410380 voir
get got got getting 605984508 obtenir
find found found finding 502043038 trouver
go went gone going 421086358 aller
buy bought bought buying 410780176 acheter
make made made making 405084642 fabriquer
read read read reading 322331766 lire
set set set setting 313469591 fixer
know knew known knowing 306100813 savoir
send sent sent sending 274103587 envoyer
take took taken taking 264349801 prendre
show showed shown showing 247541986 montrer
think thought thought thinking 217856550 penser
learn learnt learnt learning 179428286 apprendre
cost cost cost costing 158887256 coûter
say said said saying 156845267 dire
come came come coming 154326119 venir
let let let letting 143062438 laisser
give gave given giving 140688602 donner
sell sold sold selling 137696613 vendre
pay paid paid paying 129198530 payer
light lit lit lighting 126699632 éclairer
write wrote written writing 126645151 écrire
become became become becoming 120495036 devenir
keep kept kept keeping 119602514 garder
run ran run running 117213565 courir
put put put putting 115205090 mettre
tell told told telling 109553730 raconter
drive drove driven driving 107799371 conduire
meet met met meeting 93275872 rencontrer
feel felt felt feeling 91924001 sentir
choose chose chosen choosing 90010174 choisir
speed sped sped speeding 83135749 accélérer
mean meant meant meaning 80312172 signifier
build built built building 77203075 construire
leave left left leaving 70957750 laisser
bid bade bidden bidding 70427114 faire une offre
lead led led leading 68325439 mener
wed wed wed wedding 66796198 se marier
fall fell fallen falling 65501110 tomber
win won won winning 65264239 gagner
spring sprang sprung springing 64814116 surgir
deal dealt dealt dealing 63828244 négocier
hold held held holding 63777575 tenir
feed fed fed feeding 62663785 nourrir
understand understood understood understanding 61719969 comprendre
cut cut cut cutting 61337417 couper
bring brought brought bringing 57608074 apporter
ring rang rung ringing 54342432 sonner
hit hit hit hitting 53171478 frapper
string strung strung stringing 52681344 mettre des cordes
break broke broken breaking 51242970 casser
saw sawed sawn sawing 48544776 scier
hear heard heard hearing 47426506 entendre
stand stood stood standing 46292709 se tenir debout
begin began begun beginning 45434902 commencer
wind wound wound winding 42974876 enrouler
fit fit fit fitting 42342802 s'adapter
dream dreamt dreamt dreaming 33518573 rêver
cast cast cast casting 33395024 jeter
bear bore borne bearing 31981362 supporter
blow blew blown blowing 31344495 souffler
speak spoke spoken speaking 31324712 parler
fight fought fought fighting 30784313 combattre
wear wore worn wearing 29846762 porter
rise rose risen rising 29535295 s'élever
sleep slept slept sleeping 29491537 dormir
drink drank drunk drinking 29254937 boire
eat ate eaten eating 29237400 manger
fly flew flown flying 28279478 voler
beat beat beaten beating 27616668 battre
hide hid hidden hiding 27157035 cacher
spend spent spent spending 26713310 dépenser
grow grew grown growing 26701492 grandir
ride rode ridden riding 26153004 chevaucher
forget forgot forgotten forgetting 25162411 oublier
spread spread spread spreading 24520573 se propager
lose lost lost losing 24136984 perdre
seek sought sought seeking 24135344 rechercher
wet wet wet wetting 23918294 mouiller
draw drew drawn drawing 22705371 dessiner
stick stick stuck sticking 22399126 coller
slide slid slid sliding 22339084 glisser
catch caught caught catching 20400979 attraper
split split split splitting 19998411 séparer
sit sat sat sitting 19797379 s'asseoir
teach taught taught teaching 19079783 enseigner
strip stripped stripped stripping 18711440 déshabiller
strike struck struck striking 18621050 frapper
shoe shod shod shoeing 16342426 chausser
lay laid laid laying 16122690 poser
prove proved proven proving 16046788 prouver
bet bet bet betting 15943118 parier
throw threw thrown throwing 15751985 lancer
wake woke woken waking 14120141 se réveiller
burn burnt burnt burning 13602754 brûler
lie lay lain lying 13533542 s'allonger
lie lied lied lying 13533542 mentir
hurt hurt hurt hurting 12936269 blesser
swing swung swung swinging 12734467 se balancer
shoot shot shot shooting 12695618 tirer
spin span spun spinning 12671696 tourner
shut shut shut shutting 11689186 fermer / éteindre
sing sang sung singing 11114001 chanter
hang hung hung hanging 11077672 pendre
mistake mistook mistaken mistaking 10841486 se méprendre
quit quit quit quitting 10324803 arrêter
bend bent bent bending 9342191 plier
swim swam swum swimming 8739102 nager
spell spelt spelt spelling 8506049 épeler
arise arose arisen arising 8337093 survenir
dive dived dived diving 8254655 plonger
sink sank sunk sinking 8120590 couler
rid rid rid ridding 7877480 débarrasser
breed bred bred breeding 7716901 se reproduire
dig dug dug digging 7292787 creuser
shake shook shaken shaking 6839319 secouer
shed shed shed shedding 6720397 verser
bind bind bound binding 6677053 lier
smell smelt smelt smelling 6642666 sentir (une odeur)
lean leant leant leaning 6431362 pencher
steal stole stolen stealing 6257493 dérober
bite bit bitten biting 6058201 mordre
shine shone shone shining 5881862 briller
zinc zincked zincked zincking 5671140 zinguer
undertake undertook undertaken undertaking 5613443 entreprendre
tear tore torn tearing 5605530 pleurer
upset upset upset upsetting 5544484 bouleverser
freeze froze frozen freezing 5526731 geler
burst burst burst bursting 5147573 éclater
knit knit knit knitting 5113070 tricoter
leap leapt leapt leaping 4767538 bondir
withdraw withdrew withdrawn withdrawing 4652948 se rétracter
sweat sweat sweat sweating 4551615 suer
bust bust bust busting 4547742 bousiller
strive strove striven striving 4152261 s'efforcer
spill spilt spilt spilling 3890646 renverser
abide abided abided abiding 3722809 demeurer
sweep swept swept sweeping 3623863 balayer
thrust thrust thrust thrusting 3500671 pousser
forgive forgave forgiven forgiving 3379266 pardonner
shrink shrank shrunk shrinking 3261118 rétrécir
awake awoke awoken awaking 3230337 se réveiller
melt melted molten melting 3153948 fondre
swear swore sworn swearing 3082372 jurer
lend lent lent lending 2926360 prêter
shear shore shorn shearing 2886210 tondre
behold beheld beheld beholding 2847118 contempler
sting stung stung stinging 2773263 piquer
undergo underwent undergone undergoing 2620082 subir
shave shaved shaven shaving 2580057 se raser
grind ground ground grinding 2482307 broyer
sneak snuck snuck sneaking 2280877 se faufiler
swell swelled swollen swelling 2213445 gonfler
spit spat spat spitting 2069895 cracher
dwell dwelt dwelt dwelling 2014411 habiter
bleed bled bled bleeding 1989071 saigner
weave wove woven weaving 1965230 tisser
thrive throve thriven thriving 1822797 prospérer
creep crept crept creeping 1811981 ramper
sew sewed sewn sewing 1756454 coudre
withstand withstood withstood withstanding 1730101 résister à
flee fled fled fleeing 1724638 fuire
sling slung slung slinging 1688770 lancer
tread trod trodden treading 1672572 marcher / fouler
preset preset preset presetting 1656205 prérégler
stride strode stridden striding 1546387 marcher à grand pas
slit slit slit slitting 1424036 fendre
spoil spoilt spoilt spoiling 1419320 gâcher
sow sowed sown sowing 1282086 semer
withhold withheld withheld withholding 1201289 refuser
forbid forbade forbidden forbidding 1184790 interdire
weep wept wept weeping 1038608 pleurer
inlay inlaid inlaid inlaying 965778 incuster
cling clung clung clinging 946281 s'accrocher
stink stank stunk stinking 872742 puer
slay slew slain slaying 702325 tuer
fling flung flung flinging 682999 lancer
mislead misled tomisled misleading 643671 induire en erreur
foresee foresaw foreseen foreseeing 615358 prévoir
mow mowed mown mowing 517690 tondre
overtake overtook overtaken overtaking 498189 dépasser
sunburn sunburnt sunburnt sunburning 474135 prendre un coup de soleil
sublet sublet sublet subletting 436128 sous-louer
kneel knelt knelt kneeling 417602 s'agenouiller
rive rived riven riving 386682 déchirer
forsake forsook forsaken forsaking 359114 abandonner
misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood misunderstanding 313613 mal comprendre
clothe clad clad clothing 308351 habiller, vêtir
vex vexed vexed vexing 287473 contrarier
frostbite frostbit frostbitten frostbiting 277548 avois des engelures
alight alit alighted alighting 261720 descendre
slink slunk slunk slinking 196197 se faufiler
wring wrung wrung wringing 188579 tordre
wend went went wending 120037 se rendre
overhear overheard overheard overhearing 97704 surprendre
overdraw overdrew overdrawn overdrawing 23187 mettre à découvert
handwrite handwrote handwritten handwriting 21641 écrire à la main

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