How to reset Portainer password?


This page explains how to reset Portainer password. This guide has been tested on portainer installed according to this page.

Stop Portainer

Before reseting the password, we have to stop the Portainer container:

docker container stop portainer

Reset password

Reset the Portainer password with the following line. This line runs the container (portainer/helper-reset-password). This container reset the password in the Portainer volume (where Portainer persistent data are stored).

docker run --rm -v portainer_data:/data portainer/helper-reset-password

The container should display the new password:

2022/12/28 14:07:29 Password succesfully updated for user: admin
2022/12/28 14:07:29 Use the following password to login: Y*!o}7wF+^95K?h3_/EG2WSurI08exN1

Keep (note or copy) the password for the next step.

Update Portainer password

Restart Portainer with the following command:

docker start  portainer

Open Portainer in your browser and log in with the new password.

Navigate in the user section of Portainer to change the password.

Reset portainer password

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Last update : 12/28/2022