Create Solidworks 3D model from EAGLE

This post explains how to create a 3D CAD model from a PCB design from EAGLE. The following versions of the software are used :

PCB rendered in Solidworks

Export from Eagle

First, the board outline must be specified in the layer 20 (Dimension). If there is no board outline, add a close shape on layer 20 with the Wire tool.

EAGLE PCB example

Run EagleIDFExporter.ulp and follow the instruction. The ulp should create two files with the extensions emn and emp.

EAGLE IDF exporter

Import to Solidworks

Check that the CirciutWorks add-in is started. If not, in Tools > Add-Ins, select CircuitWorks (To use CircuitWorks in every SolidWorks session, select CircuitWorks under Start Up). With CircuitWorks, open the emn file (open the ECAD file). The board appears in the window.

EAGLE IDF exporter

It is possible to associate each component from the board to a 3D model. Once all the components are associated, click on Build model : CircuitWorks will generate a new assembly in the Solidworks main window :

EAGLE IDF exporter

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Last update : 06/01/2020