Xsens MTi-3 (9-Axis IMU + AHRS)


The MTi-3 manufactured by Xsens is a nine axis inertial measurement unit. It embeds the following sensors :

The most interesting thing about the MTi-3 is the data fusion algorithm. The AHRS algorithm processes data from the nine sensors to output full-featured 3D attitude and heading (pitch, roll and yaw).

Orientation performance

Roll/pitch Static (RMS) 0.75 deg
Roll/pitch Dynamic (RMS) 1.0 deg
Yaw (heading) Static/dynamic (RMS) 2.0 deg


Beautiful box of the Xsens MTi-3-DK. Inside the box of the Xsens MTi-3-DK. Close-up over the MTi-3 development kit. Back view of the MTi-3 development kit. MTi-3-DK and FMT-1030 development kit. MTi-3 outside of the development board. MTi-3 alone.

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Last update : 11/23/2021