Review of the Nuphy Air75 keyboard

The NuPhy Air75 mechanical keyboard

I recently received the Air75 keyboard manufactured by NuPhy. This page is a review of this keyboard and its accessories. Here are the specifications of the keyboard:


I was first impressed by the weight of the package. I can't say this is heavy: it's dense! You feel the quality of the material when you take the keyboard out of its box. This is probably due to the aluminium frame. I love such product made of high quality materials.

Unboxing the Nuphy Air75 Unboxing the Nuphy Air75 Unboxing the Nuphy Air75 Unboxing the Nuphy Air75

In the box, you get extra parts :

Content of the Nuphy Air75 package

Using the keyboard

With the USB 2.4GHz, it's quite easy to connect the keyboard to the computer. Plug the USB reveiver and search the right canal with Fn + 1 / 2 / 3 or 4. You can also plug the USB cable, nothing more to do, plug-and-play!

I first checked the battery indicator. Hit Fn + ], and the right LED indicates the battery status:

The real asset of this keyboard is the typing experience. It's realy hard to explain with words, but the tactile feedback is the best I ever experimented. It's smooth and tight at the same time.


The keyboard is equiped with RGB backlight. You can toggle between different modes with key combination Function + Left arrow (Fn + ). Here's a short video of the different modes:

You can also change colors with the Function + Right arrow (Fn + ) key combination, as shown in the following video:

Foldable case

This is my favorite accessory, the leather case Air75 NuFolio V2 (sold separately). As for the keybord, this is made from high quality material. NuPhy Air75 leather case

The foldable case has been made for my tablet: NuPhy Air75 leather case with my tablet


In conclusion, this is undoubtedly a great product, made of high quality materials. And most importantly, typing experience is awesome.

However, I have three perspectives for improvement:

Last update : 05/29/2023