Part 2. The database

In this second part, we will create the database from phpMyAdmin. Start by creating a database named liste2courses encoded in utf8mb4_unicode_here.

Creating tables

The database will consist of 2 tables :

Create the two tables according to the following representation. In each table, id is a primary key with auto-incrementing.

The tables in the list2courses database

Relationship between tables

MySQL is a relational database language. In other words, it is It is possible to specify a link between two tables. This link has many advantages, such as the cascading suppression of rows from two distinct tables that are linked by a relationship. MySQL also checks that of the database always remain consistent.

In phpMyAdmin, go to the Structure table of the articles table. Click button on the Relational View button and create a link between the articles.id_list fields. and `' as in this example:

Relationship between tables

The result is a link between the two tables. The id_list field of the articles table must match an existing primary key in the articles table:

Link between the two tables

If you try to insert a new line without specifying a value for id_list that corresponds to a row in the articles table, mySQL will not create the row and will return one of the following errors:

This last error mentions that the foreign key violates the constraint that you you added earlier.

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Last update : 02/03/2020