Calculating the transformation between two set of points


The aim of this article is to minimize the error between two clouds of points (minimization of the point to point error). Let’s considere the following cloud of points A in blue and B in red. Our goal is to find the transformation of B (translation and rotation) in order to minimize the distance point to point (according to the least square minimization).

Illustration of the transformation between two set of points

$$ A =\left[ \begin{matrix} p_1^a & p_2^a & ... & p_n^a \end{matrix} \right] =\left[ \begin{matrix} x_1^a & x_2^a & ... & x_n^a \ y_1^a & y_2^a & ... & y_n^a \end{matrix} \right] $$

$$! B =\left[ \begin{matrix} p_1^b & p_2^b & ... & p_n^b \end{matrix} \right] =\left[ \begin{matrix} x_1^b & x_2^b & ... & x_n^b \ y_1^b & y_2^b & ... & y_n^b \end{matrix} \right] $$

We assume that the point matching has already being performed: each point of \(A\) is associated with a point of \(B\).

Point by point matching between two sets of points


First, compute the center of gravity of each cloud:

Center of gravity of each set of points

$$ \begin{matrix}COG^a=\frac{1}{n}. \sum\limits_{i=1}^n p_i^a & COG^b=\frac{1}{n}. \sum\limits_{i=1}^n p_i^b \end{matrix} $$

Translate each point with a translation vector given by the center of gravity of its cloud (center each cloud on the origin).

$$ \begin{matrix} A'=A-COG^a & B'=B-COG^b \end{matrix} $$

Move the set of points on the origin


The rotation is a little bit more tricky. First calculate the following matrix:

$$ N = \sum\limits_{i=1}^n {p'}_i^b.{{p'}_i^a}^T = \sum\limits_{i=1}^n \left[ \begin{matrix} {x'}_i^b \ {y'}_i^b \end{matrix} \right]. \left[ \begin{matrix} {x'}_i^a & {y'}_i^a \end{matrix} \right] $$

Compute the singular value decomposition of \(N\):

$$ N=U.\Sigma.V^T $$

The rotation matrix is given by:

$$ R=V.U^T $$

The rotation angle can now be extracted from the matrix \(R\):

$$ \alpha=atan2(R_{21},R_{11}) $$

By applying the rotation on the previously translated set of points, we get the following result:

Results of merging two set of points


Matlab source code (example on this page) can be download here:

Credits: based on the very good bachelor thesis of Hans Martin Kjer and Jakob Wilm: Evaluation of surface registration algorithms for PET motion correction.

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