Online square root simplifyer

This page will help you to simplify an expression under a radical sign (square root sign). Type your expression below, the result will be updated automaticaly.

$$ \sqrt{x} = a.\sqrt{b} $$

Online simplifier

Simplify the square root of:


$$ \sqrt{8} = 2\sqrt{2} \notag $$

How it works?

To find the best simplification of \( \sqrt{x} \), the algorithm loops every integer from \( \sqrt{x} \) to 1, let's call this interger \( i \). If \( \dfrac{x}{i^2} \) is an integer, we found the best simplification since the loop decreases. \(i\) is the highest perfect square that is a factor of \(x\).

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Last update : 11/15/2020