Enable Add-Ins in Solidworks


Solidwors is provided with a collection of Add-ins that can be activate / disable according to the user need. The most used Add-ins are PhotoView, CircuitWorks, Solidworks Motion, Solidworks Toolbox or Solidworks Simulation. This page has been tested with the following versions:

Activate Add-ins

First, start Solidworks and drop the Tools menu to select Add-Ins.

Add-ins menu in Solidworks 2016

The Add-Ins window should appear on the screen:

Add-ins window in Solidworks 2016

Select/unselect the Add-ins you need/no longer need. The Add-ins will be started or stopped in accordance. If an Add-in is always needed, check the Start Up column to launch the add-in at Solidworks start up.

Therefore, be carefull, some Add-ins can be computationally expensive and can monopolize your computer's ressources.

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Last update : 04/13/2019