How to insert gears in a Solidwoks assembly

Start the Tool-box add-in

To insert gears in Solidworks, you need to start Toolbox Add-Ins. If you don't know how to activate Add-Ins in Solidwoks, check this page.

If your version of Solidworks does not include the Toolbox Add-in, you can use the configurable gear for solidwork.

Toolbox > Gears

Once the Toolbox Add-in is started, open the assembly where gears are needed. At the right of the solidworks window, click on the Design Library tab.

Design Library tab in Solidworks 2016

Expand the following tree: Toolbox > ISO > Power Transmission > Gears in the library:

Gear menu in Solidwork 2016

If you need other standards like ANSI, click the right standard in the menu instead of ISO. A selection of gear parts should appear at the bottom of the library. The menu is composed of helical gear, internal spur gear, rack, spur gear, straight miter gears, straight bevel gears and pinions:

Gears in Solidworks 2016

Gear configuration

Drag the gear you need and drop it in the assembly (Spur Gear is the most common). A new component should appear in your assembly. You now need to configure the gear:

Gear configuration in Solidworks 2016

On the left part of the window, you can configure the gear (module, number of teeth, pressure angle, shaft diameter... ). Let's illustrate this with the following parameters:

Parameter Value
Module 1
Number of teeth 30
Pressure angle 20
Face width 5
Nominale shaft diameter 30

Confirm your configuration and here is the result:

Gear configured in Solidworks 2016

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Last update : 04/13/2019