Install Atom on Ubuntu

This page explains how to install ATOM IDE on Ubunutu. The following has been performed with the following versions:

Download packet

The simplest way to install Atom IDE on Ubuntu is to download the latest versions from the Atom website : You can also download the latest version with wget:


Once the packet is download, install by double-clicking on the .deb file which should launch Ubuntu Software.

Launch Atom and, eventually, add it to your favorite to add the launcher in the application's list of the side panel.

Configure Atom

If you install Atom for node.js developments, I recommand installing the following packages:

In the menu Edit>Preferences, click on Install and select the packages you want to install.

Hello world

Create a new file index.js with the following code:

console.log ('Hello world');

Hit Alt-r to run your first code.

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Last update : 02/17/2020