Load the most popular passwords in C / C++


This page presents how to load the most common passwords in C or C++. The list can be downloaded on one from the following pages:

The following source code open the file with fopen() before reading each password with fscanf() in a loop. The loop ends when the end of file (EOF) is reached.

The code loads the file with 100 passwords. Change the filename to load more passwords.

C / C++ source code

The following source codes can be used to load one of the files in C or C++:

FILE* stream;
char password[40];

// Opening file in reading mode
stream = fopen("100-most-common-passwords.txt", "r");
if (stream == NULL) exit(1);

// Read all password until end of file
while (fscanf(stream, "%s", password) != EOF) {
    printf ("%s\n", password);

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Last update : 12/29/2022