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Convert cubic meters of topsoil to tonnes

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This page allows you to convert volume expressed in cubic meters of topsoil to weight in tonnes. Enter a volume in the following form, you will instantly know the equivalent weight:

cubic meters of topsoil.
1 m³ of topsoil weights:
  • Minimum = 1.2 tonnes (for decompacted topsoil)
  • Average = 1.6 tonnes
  • Maximum = 2 tonnes (for compacted topsoil)


The weight of topsoil may vary depending on multiple factors. Density is especially related to the amount of gaseous matter present in the topsoil.

The weight of one cubic meter of decompacted topsoil is about 1200kg (1.2tonnes).

The weight of one cubic meter of compacted topsoil is about 2000kg (2tonnes).

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Last update : 05/14/2021