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Assume that \( v_{(m.s^{-1})} \) is the velocity expressed in \( m.s^{-1} \), i.e. the distance travelled during one second. To get the distance travelled during one minute, the previous value must be multiplied by 60. To get the distance in meters travelled during one hour, \( v_{(m.s^{-1})}\) must be multiplied by 60 x 60 = 3600. The result is a velocity expressed in \( m.h^{-1} \). To convert this result in kilometers per hour, we now have to divide the previous velocity (expressed in \( m.h^{-1} \)) by 1000 since one kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. The conversion can be done thanks to the following formula:

$$ v_{ (km.h^{-1}) } = \frac {3600}{1000}.v_{(m.s^{-1})} = 3.6 \times v_{(m.s^{-1})}$$

and vice-versa:

$$ v_{ (m.s^{-1}) } = \frac {1000}{3600}.v_{(km.h^{-1})} = \frac { v_{(km.h^{-1})} } {3.6 } $$

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Last update : 11/25/2021