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Convert any value from / to newton-meter [N.m] to newton [N], torque to force. Note that this converter assumes the force is applied perpendicularly the radius. Fill one of the following fields, values will be converted and updated automatically.

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How to convert torque in newton-meter (N.m) into force in newton (N)



The torque expressed in newton-meter [N.m] is the product of force and radius (the lever arm). A common mistake is to confuse newton-meter [N.m] and newton per meter [N/m]. Of course, the greater is the radius, the higher is the torque for a given force. The torques are expressed in N.m. The conversion can be done thanks to the following formula:

$$ \Gamma_{(N.m)} = F_{(N)} \times r_{(m)} $$

and vice-versa:

$$ F_{(N)} = \dfrac{ \Gamma_{(N.m)} } { r_{(m)} } $$

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Last update : 10/30/2022