How to access to a Linux terminal on Universal Robots


This page explains how to run start a terminal on a Universal Robot. The following has been tested on an UR5, but should work on UR3 and UR7. The robot embeds a PC running under Linux. It is possible to access to the terminal in order to run bash or shell commands.

Switch to terminal

First, plug a keyboard into the robot and start the robot. Note that the keyboard default encoding is Danish.

USB keyboard plugged on Universal Robot UR5 USB keyboard plugged on Universal Robot UR5

Once the robot has boot, switch to a terminal thank to the following shortcut:


Universal Robot terminal

The screen should switch to a Debian terminal. Enter the following login / password :

You are now running a terminal as root on the robot's PC.

Switch back to user interface

To return to the user interface, run the following command to log out from the root user :


and swith to the graphical user interface with the following keyboard shortcut :


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Last update : 04/13/2019