Lesson 2.9. Most used CSS properties

Useful CSS properties

The list below presents the most frequently encountered CSS properties:

Property Description Values
color Element color  
background-color Background color
background-image Sets the background image
display Display behavior {block, inline-block, inline, none}
width Element width
height Element height
min-width Minimum width
min-height Minimum height
max-width Maximum width
max-height Maximum height
margin Outter margins property
padding Inner margin property
border Border property
border-color Border color
border-width Border width
border-style Border style {none, solid, dotted, inset, dashed solid ...}
border-radius Border radius
font Font properties
font-family Defines the font
font-style Font style {normal, italic, oblique}
font-weight Thickness of the font {normal, bold, lighter, bolder}
position Type of positioning used for an element `{static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky}`
z-index Sets the order of overlapping elements `{auto, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 ...}`

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Last update : 10/03/2022