Lesson 6.1. Introduction to MySQL


MySQL is a database management system relational data. It is one of the most used systems in the world and especially in data storage for web servers.

When creating a website, MySQL will allow to record and keep data on the server disk. Unlike sessions or cookies, this data will be kept as long as necessary. here are some examples of data typically stored in a MySQL database:

An optimization database

MySQL offers many features that would be difficult to reproduce with such a level of performance:

With MySQL you can store millions of data. But above all, this system was designed from the start to allow quick access to this data. You can find, add or delete data with a single command line that will run in milliseconds.


MySQL databases are structured according to the following scheme:

Overview of MySQL architecture

A relational database

The last advantage of MySQL is the relational side of its structure. You can link data together. Take for example a database which contains two tables:

Relational databases allow these two tables to be linked, For example to associate user with each message. We will not discuss the relational side of databases here, but remember that the use of relational tables is far from being marginal in Web development.

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