List of supported languages by Prism syntax highlighter

Table below shows the complete list of supported languages for Prism Code Highlighter. If a language is missing, or if the list is not up-to-date, please contact me.

Language Key Class
Markup markup language-markup
CSS css language-css
C-like clike language-clike
JavaScript javascript language-javascript
ABAP abap language-abap
ActionScript actionscript language-actionscript
Ada ada language-ada
Apache Configuration apacheconf language-apacheconf
APL apl language-apl
AppleScript applescript language-applescript
Arduino arduino language-arduino
ARFF arff language-arff
AsciiDoc asciidoc language-asciidoc
6502 Assembly asm6502 language-asm6502
ASP.NET (C#) aspnet language-aspnet
AutoHotkey autohotkey language-autohotkey
AutoIt autoit language-autoit
Bash bash language-bash
BASIC basic language-basic
Batch batch language-batch
Bison bison language-bison
Brainfuck brainfuck language-brainfuck
Bro bro language-bro
C c language-c
C# csharp language-csharp
C++ cpp language-cpp
CoffeeScript coffeescript language-coffeescript
Clojure clojure language-clojure
Crystal crystal language-crystal
Content-Security-Policy csp language-csp
CSS Extras css-extras language-css-extras
D d language-d
Dart dart language-dart
Diff diff language-diff
Django/Jinja2 django language-django
Docker docker language-docker
Eiffel eiffel language-eiffel
Elixir elixir language-elixir
Elm elm language-elm
ERB erb language-erb
Erlang erlang language-erlang
F# fsharp language-fsharp
Flow flow language-flow
Fortran fortran language-fortran
GEDCOM gedcom language-gedcom
Gherkin gherkin language-gherkin
Git git language-git
GLSL glsl language-glsl
GameMaker Language gml language-gml
Go go language-go
GraphQL graphql language-graphql
Groovy groovy language-groovy
Haml haml language-haml
Handlebars handlebars language-handlebars
Haskell haskell language-haskell
Haxe haxe language-haxe
HTTP http language-http
HTTP Public-Key-Pins hpkp language-hpkp
HTTP Strict-Transport-Security hsts language-hsts
IchigoJam ichigojam language-ichigojam
Icon icon language-icon
Inform 7 inform7 language-inform7
Ini ini language-ini
Io io language-io
J j language-j
Java java language-java
Jolie jolie language-jolie
JSON json language-json
Julia julia language-julia
Keyman keyman language-keyman
Kotlin kotlin language-kotlin
LaTeX latex language-latex
Less less language-less
Liquid liquid language-liquid
Lisp lisp language-lisp
LiveScript livescript language-livescript
LOLCODE lolcode language-lolcode
Lua lua language-lua
Makefile makefile language-makefile
Markdown markdown language-markdown
Markup templating markup-templating language-markup-templating
MATLAB matlab language-matlab
MEL mel language-mel
Mizar mizar language-mizar
Monkey monkey language-monkey
N4JS n4js language-n4js
NASM nasm language-nasm
nginx nginx language-nginx
Nim nim language-nim
Nix nix language-nix
NSIS nsis language-nsis
Objective-C objectivec language-objectivec
OCaml ocaml language-ocaml
OpenCL opencl language-opencl
Oz oz language-oz
PARI/GP parigp language-parigp
Parser parser language-parser
Pascal pascal language-pascal
Perl perl language-perl
PHP php language-php
PHP Extras php-extras language-php-extras
PL/SQL plsql language-plsql
PowerShell powershell language-powershell
Processing processing language-processing
Prolog prolog language-prolog
.properties properties language-properties
Protocol Buffers protobuf language-protobuf
Pug pug language-pug
Puppet puppet language-puppet
Pure pure language-pure
Python python language-python
Q (kdb+ database) q language-q
Qore qore language-qore
R r language-r
React JSX jsx language-jsx
React TSX tsx language-tsx
Ren'py renpy language-renpy
Reason reason language-reason
reST (reStructuredText) rest language-rest
Rip rip language-rip
Roboconf roboconf language-roboconf
Ruby ruby language-ruby
Rust rust language-rust
SAS sas language-sas
Sass (Sass) sass language-sass
Sass (Scss) scss language-scss
Scala scala language-scala
Scheme scheme language-scheme
Smalltalk smalltalk language-smalltalk
Smarty smarty language-smarty
SQL sql language-sql
Soy (Closure Template) soy language-soy
Stylus stylus language-stylus
Swift swift language-swift
TAP tap language-tap
Tcl tcl language-tcl
Textile textile language-textile
Template Toolkit 2 tt2 language-tt2
Twig twig language-twig
TypeScript typescript language-typescript
VB.Net vbnet language-vbnet
Velocity velocity language-velocity
Verilog verilog language-verilog
VHDL vhdl language-vhdl
vim vim language-vim
Visual Basic visual-basic language-visual-basic
WebAssembly wasm language-wasm
Wiki markup wiki language-wiki
Xeora xeora language-xeora
Xojo (REALbasic) xojo language-xojo
XQuery xquery language-xquery
YAML yaml language-yaml


Spreadsheets can be downloaded for Excel, Open Office or as a CVS file.

Last update : 11/23/2021