How to create a fresh AWS Cloud9 environment?


This page explain how to create a fresh AWS Cloud9 environment. This is part of the migration from CLoud9 to AWS Cloud9.

Create a fresh EC2 machine

In AWS Management Console, first select your server location at the top right of the window. I selected Paris, the closest from my place. This is important, select your location carefully.

Select location in AWS console

Once your location is selected, select cloud9 service:

Select cloud9 service in AWS console


Cloud9 may not be available in your location, select another one. In AWS Cloud9, create a new environment with the following parameters:

Settings of the AWS EC2 Cloud9 environment

Click on Create the environment

New environment

Wait few minutes, your new environment is now running:

AWS EC2 Cloud9 environment

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Last update : 04/13/2019