Part 1. How to create new machine with VirtualBox?


This page is part of a full tutorial on how to install a web werver on a virtual machine. This first part of the tutorial explains how to configure a virtual machine for installing Debian 11. It assume VirtualBox is already installed on the host computer. If not, please go to and install the version for your system.

Configure the virtual machine

In VirtualBox, let's create a new virtual machine:

Create a new virtual machine

Click Next and set memory size:

Set memory size for the new virtual machine

Click Next. Create a virtual hard disk:

Create a virtual hard disk in VirtualBox

Click Create and specify the type of file for the hard disk:

Choose the type of file for the new virtual hard disk

Click Next and select Dynamically allocated. This option needs less space on the host disk:

Set dynamically allocated hard drive

Click Next and set the file location (on the host computer) and the disk size you'll need. Since a Debian is less than 4Gb, we'll keep the default value.

Set file location and disk size for the virtual machine

Click Create, the new machine should appear in the machine list on the left of the VirtualBox window:

The new machine appears in the VirtualBox window

The new machine is ready. Let's now install Debian 11.

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Last update : 12/10/2022