ZigBee shield for Arduino


This page presents an Arduino shield for ZigBee communication. The shield is based on the ATREB233-XPRO board. This board embeds a 2.4GHz Zigbee (802.15.4) Transceiver AT86RF233.


As explained previously, the board is build around the 2.4GHz Zigbee (802.15.4) Transceiver AT86RF233.

Arduino pinout for connecting the AT86RF233

Here is how the Arduino is connected to the ATREB233-XPRO board.

AT86RF233 pinout for connecting the Arduino

Here is the general schematic. The 3 LEDs and the button is for debug purposes.

Schematics of the Arduino ZigBee shield based on the AT86RF233


Rooting the PCB is quite simple, here is the final result:

PCB of the Arduino ZigBee shield

Backside of the Arduino ZigBee shield

Photo of the Arduino ZigBee shield


Last update : 03/21/2021