Lesson 1.12. Some advice


The file index.html (or index.htm or `index.php) is the file loaded by default. By renaming your main file index.html, the user who visits your site will enter the urlhttp: // www.example.cominstead ofhttp: // www.example.com / page.html```.

The addresses http://www.example.com and http://www.example.com/index.html will have exactly the same effect.

For security reasons, each folder should contains a index.html file. This will prevent visitors from accessing files contained in the directories.

Browser compatibility

Test your pages on different browsers and operating systems. Indeed the interpretation of the HTML code may differ from one browser to another, which sometimes gives a different result for the same source code.

For some tags, you will find compatibility on the Internet with different versions of browsers.

The graphic chart

Even if the visual aspect is important, do not fall into the trap of spending more time working on the graphical aspect of the site rather than its content. This is all the more true since there are libraries that are designed to display quality graphics, harmonious and compatible with a majority of browsers. This is for example the case of Bootstrap.

Be impactful!

Always remember that the lifetime of a web page is on average a few seconds. Know what your visitors will be looking for on your page to highlight this content, create synthetic and visual content with information prioritized. Sometimes an image or example is worth a long speech.

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Last update : 03/10/2022