Part 6. How to install phpMyAdmin on Debian 11?


This page is part of a full tutorial on how to install a web werver on a virtual machine. This sixth part of the tutorial explains how to install phpMyAdmin on our server. phpMyAdmin is a software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL like databases.

The following assume a virtual machine has been created and Debian 11 is already installed with Apache, PHP and MariaDB. If not, please go to the home page and follow the guide.

Before installing phpMyAdmin, update your system:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

Install phpMyADmin

Debian 11’s default software repositories include phpMyAdmin. Let's install the phpMyAdmin package:

sudo apt install phpmyadmin

phpMyAdmin is an online software. The graphical interface is displayed in a web page. You have to specify the web server associated to phpMyAmdin. Select apache2 (the server installed previously) when prompt:

phpMyAdmin installation, select web server

The next prompt ask you if you want to configure the database automaticaly or manualy. Since MariDB is already properly installed. Let's choose the automatic configuration:

Automatic database configuration during phpMyAdmin installation

You have to specify a password for phpMyAdmin to register with the database. You shouldn't never need this password since this is only for the communication between phpMyAdmin and MariaDB. It's up to you to specify a password or to left blank (automatic password creation).

Set phpMyAdmin database password

Once phpMyAdmin is installed. You shoud go on your server with the path /phpmyadmin/:

phpmyadmin login web page

Since the link with the database is already configure. You can now connect in phpMyAdmin with the username and the password you entered during the MariaDB configuration.

Once connected, check your privileges. Click on the User accounts tab and check the users privileges.

phpMyAdmin user accounts tab

The last step of this tutorial is to install an FTP server to allow remote file transfert.

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Last update : 12/11/2022